Tilt-Turn windows and Design Styles

The main advantage of our tilt-turn windows lies in their dual operating system. Our windows can be opened in two ways: tilting them inwards from the top for light ventilation, or turning the handle to open them inwards for full ventilation and cleaning.  Furthermore, we offer four profile styles that are custom to each home style. Each style has its own unique characteristics, allowing architects to choose the style that best fits their vision. The appeal of these choices has captured the attention of many architects, making our European tilt-turn windows a viable option for any style of home.


Minimalism at its finest. Our flush-mounted systems redefine what it means to have a sleek and high-quality look for modern architecture. With a hidden sash design, these systems offer an unparalleled illusion of a picture window that brightens and elevates any space. Our range also provides fixed glazing and sash designs that seamlessly merge indoors with outdoors, creating a truly unique and expansive view. With a focus on the beauty of simplicity, our designs offer not only a visually stunning solution but also a practical one. Choose our minimalistic systems, and your space will be transformed into a modern and stylish haven.


The integration of bold, edgy designs with modernity has taken the world by storm. Among the latest models, the offset systems stand out, offering a puristic architecture that perfectly balances contemporary design with living comfort. The result is a space that is visually captivating and functionally efficient. Our Home Pure models put an emphasis on open spaces, integrated living areas, and a seamless flow, ideal for innovative and creative living. If you are someone who appreciates contemporary aesthetics and modern technology, then the offset systems are perfect for you. With our sophisticated profile design and practical features, these window models are not only stylish but also functional and comfortable.


A perfect choice for those looking for a versatile and classic design for their new construction. With its traditional style and classic forms, it adds a unique character to any traditional style home. With its roots in the art nouveau movement, this style takes inspiration from the refined elegance of country estates. Furthermore, its customizable features allow for expressive and elegant touches to enhance your home’s look. The wide range of integrated or glued-on Georgian feature bars come in various widths and styles, giving you the freedom to create the home of your dreams.  Choose Ambiente, and experience the perfect combination of tradition and innovation for your home.


Creating a harmonious environment in your home is essential to achieving a high quality of living that embraces comfort and warmth. The rounded profile edges on Home Soft style windows in your home act as a unique and effective element that doesn’t just add a design feature, but also gives you the added feeling of a safe and cozy retreat from everyday life. This special style fulfills your need for a home that’s peaceful yet also provides an environment that you can enjoy with your family and friends. When it comes to creating a harmonious home, your round window edges are just the beginning of countless possibilities that guarantee a comfortable and pleasant living atmosphere.