The Internorm Integrated blinds between the glass system, known as the I-tec shading system, is a game-changer for modern homeowners. It is an innovative technology designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience.  Also pairable to your smart home system. The blinds are available in different colors, so you can pick one that suits your unique style and your home furnishings. The I-tec shading system is a must-try technology for anyone looking for energy-efficient, time-saving, and stylish window covering solutions.



Thanks to its built-in photovoltaic module and battery, I-tec Shading ensures the perfect room temperature – completely self-sufficient and without an additional energy supply. When set to automatic mode, the Venetian blinds open and close automatically. Controlled by a built-in temperature sensor, it allows you to maximize the use of sunlight in winter, therefore reducing heating costs. The intelligent design can be operated by an app, remote control, or by hand, so you get to choose your preferred way of control.
Easy to manage – even when you’re travelling.
If you’re on holiday and you’ve forgotten to close the blinds before you left, I-tec Connect offers the ideal solution: Easily control your blinds wherever you are with your smartphone or tablet using the “Smart Home ready” feature.



Icon Photovoltaic blind options: Venetian blinds or Duette®
Icon Blinds are placed in between the window panes
Icon Operate by app, remote control, or by hand
Icon 6-chamber frame profile provides maximum thermal insulation
Icon Various design and fitting options
Icon Triple or quadruple glazed
Icon Optimum noise reduction


Suitable for Canadian climate:
As a homeowner in Canada, it's important to consider practical solutions that can enhance the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your living spaces. According to statistics, up to 82% of indoor heat loss can occur through regular windows. Our innovative system offers the perfect solution for our climate by providing optimal protection from both heat and cold while also offering easy-to-use blinds. No matter the season, you can count on Internorm windows to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient. In fact, studies show that the addition of energy-efficient windows in Canadian homes can lead to a decrease in energy costs by up to 20%. You can finally say goodbye to indoor drafts and uncomfortable temperatures and hello to a happier, healthier home with Internorm windows.
Customization to suit Your vision:
When it comes to the windows in our homes, we all want something that reflects our personal style and meets our needs. Whether you are looking for traditional Venetian blinds or prefer modern blackout Duette® blinds, you can find the perfect one with over 15 colors to choose from. Moreover, you can change or interchange them with the clip-on/clip-off system. With three style frames available, modern to traditional, Internorm provides the perfect option for any homeowner. If you want to enhance the traditional style of your home, glued-on Georgian bars are also available. With Internorm by InterHaus, the possibilities are endless!
Easy to clean:
One of the many benefits of this system is its effortless maintenance and cleaning process. With no visible cords or strings hanging from the blinds, dusting and cleaning these windows becomes a breeze. No more struggling with each individual slat to make sure they are all cleaned evenly. This is because the blinds are installed inside the glass, meaning they are protected from dust and debris and never need to be individually cleaned. To ensure your integrated blinds system windows stay looking as good as the day they were installed, simply wipe the surface of the window with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution. No more removing and washing blinds or dusting window sills – with Internorm integrated blinds system windows, maintenance has never been easier.
Interested in Windows with Internal Blinds?
Windows with internal blinds are the perfect solution for homeowners who want to improve the privacy and lighting control in their living spaces. If you are interested in creating a more comfortable environment, we highly recommend considering these innovative windows. With internal blinds, you can enjoy the convenience of adjusting your window treatments without having to leave your seat. Plus, they offer superior insulation, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. At the same time, they provide a sleek and modern look that enhances the overall appearance of your home. Overall, installing windows with internal blinds is a smart investment that will make your home more attractive, comfortable, and energy-efficient.