The Power of Partnership: Internorm and Loxone Collaborate to Revolutionize Smart Homes

In today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, smart homes are no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality. Leading this transformative journey is the collaborative effort of two industry giants – Internorm and Loxone. Together, they are redefining the concept of home automation, integrating innovative technologies to create a seamless, intuitive, and convenient living experience.

Bridging the Gap with the Internorm Extension

The heart of this collaboration lies in the Internorm Extension, designed specifically to integrate I-tec devices made by Internorm, including ventilation, shading, window contacts, or handheld transmitters1. This extension allows homeowners to easily incorporate these smart features into their Loxone Smart Home system2.

Commissioning Internorm I-TEC Devices

The integration of Internorm I-tec devices within the Loxone system adds an extra layer of convenience and functionality to the smart home experience3. Whether it’s controlling the indoor climate through the I-tec ventilation system or managing daylight with I-tec shading controls, these devices work seamlessly within the Loxone ecosystem.

Enhanced Ventilation Control

One of the standout features of this partnership is the ability to control an Internorm I-tec ventilation system via the Loxone platform4. With this feature, homeowners can monitor and manage humidity, CO2 levels, as well as indoor and outdoor temperatures. This means not only improved air quality but also enhanced energy efficiency.

Easy Integration with Loxone Smart Home

The Internorm Extension makes it simple to integrate I-tec ventilation and shading controls into a Loxone Smart Home2. This means that homeowners can manage all aspects of their home environment from a single, unified platform. From adjusting shading to regulating ventilation, all it takes is a few taps on a smartphone or tablet.


The collaboration between Internorm and Loxone represents a significant step forward in home automation technology. By combining Internorm’s innovative I-tec devices with the comprehensive control offered by the Loxone Smart Home system, homeowners can enjoy an unparalleled level of convenience, comfort, and security.

This partnership demonstrates the power of collaboration in driving technological advancement. It sets the stage for future innovations in the smart home industry, promising even more exciting developments to come.