Enhancing Home Security with Internorm’s Burglary Protection Solutions and WinkHaus Collaboration

In the realm of home safety, burglary protection is a critical consideration. Internorm, a leading brand in the windows and doors industry, has made significant strides in this field by offering advanced security features and collaborating with WinkHaus for its window and door models.

Superior Burglary Protection with Internorm Products

Internorm has incorporated several innovative features into its products to enhance burglary protection. The company’s windows are equipped with standard security features, including mushroom pegs and closing parts that protect against levering1.

One of the standout features offered by Internorm is the I-tec glazing used to prevent the glass pane from being pushed out of the window2. This technology significantly enhances window security, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

Internorm’s KF 520 UPVC windows come with I-tec locking technology, offering maximum protection3. In addition, the Secustik handle with safe scanning protects against drilling from the outside, further enhancing the window’s security.

The use of laminated security glass prevents the glass from breaking apart, adding another layer of protection4. Moreover, closing sensors notify homeowners if windows or window doors are open or locked, ensuring optimal security at all times.

Collaborating with WinkHaus for Enhanced Security

In addition to its proprietary security solutions, Internorm collaborates with WinkHaus, an industry leader in window and door technology. This partnership allows Internorm to provide multi-point locks for its timber-aluminium doors5.

Internorm’s aluminium entrance doors are also equipped with 5-point locks from KFV, ensuring robust burglary resistance6. These security measures, in combination with additional features like access systems, door stops, and security cylinders, offer comprehensive protection against burglary.

Innovative Features for Increased Security

Internorm goes beyond traditional security measures by offering innovative features such as LED lighting for recessed handles or the low threshold area, enhancing visibility and security7.

Additionally, Internorm provides an electric door opener that can be used with an intercom system. This feature allows homeowners to identify who is at the door before opening it, providing an extra layer of security8.


Internorm’s commitment to providing exceptional burglary protection is evident in its wide range of security features and its strategic collaboration with WinkHaus. Whether it’s the innovative I-tec glazing or the multi-point locks for doors, Internorm offers comprehensive solutions to keep homes safe and secure.